Walsh: Opponents Move "Untimely, Cowardly."

Seems like everybody is coming down on embattled Port Canaveral CEO John Walsh for remarks made during an Aug. 26 Canaveral Port Authority meeting where he referred to voters andtax-payers as "Luddites with websites," "radicals," "dogs," and "people whose own children can't make them happy."

But, hey. He apologized for those remarks. What's done is done. Story over, right?

Well, not so fast.

What Walsh neglected to include in his apology were denigrating statements aimed at County Commissioner Jim Barfield and other rail-route opponents in an email to Brevard County Commissioner Andy Anderson.

The email in question with subjectline Jim Barfield Resolution,  was obtained via public records requests by tedlund.com. Walsh sent the impassioned plea to Anderson on Aug. 31, just days after his "Luddite" comments at a public Port meeting.

In the email, he referred to opponents as "untimely cowards," and appealed to Anderson's Palm Bay roots by pointing out potential job growth for his district based on the Port's growth.

Just one problem.

Anderson's district is in the far southern reaches of the county and doesn't even have representation on the Canaveral Port Authority board.

Walsh went on to say "I am counting on you to do the right thing. You have always been a proven growth leader. " and "We need to see your leadership and commitment to a better Brevard County and a strong and diverse economy. Growth has always been your mantra and as an economic developer you know its value."

Walsh also referred to Brevard County as a "second-class county and community," and said that a vote in favor of Barfield's resolution opposing the Port's Merritt Island rail routes would assure that it would be, because his was a "backward viewpoint."

It's an interesting choice of words. Now, rather than just picking on his opponents, Walsh is slamming the entire 72-mile long county and all of its 560,000 residents.

His final line?

"Please vote 'NO' on the proposed resolution."

Walsh had better hope his public apology carried more weight than his email to Anderson. Barfield's resolution passed unanimously, amidst Anderson displaying his displeasure with Walsh and the rest of the CPA leadership in closing remarks just prior to voting.