John Walsh in His Own Words

A lot has been written and said about John Walsh. I was driving to work this morning, and happened to stumble upon WMMB's Bill Mick talking about John Walsh's dismissal. I though't I'd set the record straight. Go to the 12:30 mark. 

But there is also the question of the letters/emails that Walsh sent to folks in the County. We already looked at the letter he sent to County Commissioner Andy Anderson, where he referred to Brevard County as a "second-class community."

So, if he was willing to insult the 560,000-plus people that live in our 72-mile long county — why would he care what Linda Weatherman of the Economic Development Council thinks? The bizzare thing is if you read from the bottom up, Ms. Weatherman was actually inviting Walsh to participate and join one of the EDC's boards:

Then, there is the bizarre tale of Walsh's response to General Victor "Gene" Ruenart, who has spent more than 2 years working with the USAF and Department of Defense on a plan to build commercial rail through Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to benefit not only Port Canaveral, but also the USAF, Navy, Army and civilian space contractors. But Walsh was skeptical; so much so, that one commissioner told me that one could infer that Walsh had pre-existing relationships that could potentially benefit from the preferred routes that would hew an 11-mile long heavy cargo railway over the Banana River and through the North Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge.

Dealing with the public was never John Walsh's strong suit. Apparently, neither was playing well with others.