Canaveral Port Authority's Dubea Flexes Propeller Club's Muscle

CPA Deputy Director Jim Dubea

CPA Deputy Director Jim Dubea

In the email above, sent to Propeller Club members Monday afternoon, and obtained by, Dubea urged members to contact County Commissioners in an attempt to discredit Barfield and derail his resolution, scheduled for consideration in the County Commission Chambers in Viera, Thursday starting at 5 p.m. 

The email came from Propeller Club president Jim Dubea, but contained several attachments under official CPA cover. It included links to last Wednesday's Port Canaveral Rail Presentation by Floyd, a copy of Barfield's resolution and a sample letter for interested parties to cut, paste and forward to Commissioners. It was a clear attempt by the Propeller Club (and the CPA) to reign in County Commission and prevent them from taking any action that doesn't agree lock-step with the Canaveral Port Authority agenda.

There's just one problem.

Jim Dubea, if you aren't aware, is the CPA's point person for its rail project as well as government relations. When not inciting Propeller Club members to turn on each other and disparage local elected officials, he's hard at work at his day job as Port Canaveral's deputy director for government and strategic partnerships.

That's right: The CPA deputy director for government and strategic partnerships is openly attacking a sitting, elected official whose district encompasses Port Canaveral.

Dubea was at executive director John Walsh's side at the drubbing he took during the port's ill-fated, April 30th public informational meeting. After 23-years in the United States Coast Guard, he had this to say about a potential terror attack on port facilities via cargo container:


Dubea was also at Kathryn Floyd's side during the CPA's Aug. 26th meeting after the professional environmental regulatory ninja conveniently showed up to give Port Commissioners a primer on the current status of the rail process so that the CPA could educate the County Commissioners.

I believe our County Commissioners are smarter than that.