This video is a clip from the April 30th informational meeting held by the Canaveral Port Authority on plans to erect a commercial rail line across the federally protected northern Banana River Lagoon. An earthen-berm causeway is a primary component for two of the CPA's four preferred alternatives.  Although the berm won't completely span the lagoon, it will extend more than a mile (6,000 feet according to engineering documents filed with the application) into the river, ostensibly restricting the wind-driven hydrology of the lagoon, resulting in water-flow restriction, degraded water quality and habitat loss.

Port Canaveral CEO John Walsh attempts to diffuse the crowd of more than 300 opponents to the project by matter-of-factly dismissing the notion that ANY fill would be used. This is despite its inclusion in the document provided above.

The earthen-berm causeway is a major concern for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and US Army Corps of Engineers, who specifically mention the use of fill in their scoping comments submitted in December to the National Surface Transportation Board.

The Canaveral Port Authority specifically mentions the use of fill in its response to the NSTB's request for supplemental information submitted in March. This document explains why all of the options proposed, except for CPA's preferred ones, are infeasible. You will note that they admit that a trestle-only rail would still require fill.

The CPA's monthly, public board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20th, at 9 AM a the  Maritime Center on Challenger Drive in Port Canaveral. Members of the public are invited to attend and may voice their support, opposition and other concerns during public comment periods limited to three minutes each.

Map to Canaveral Port Authority. Click for directions.